This week I had my second therapy session and I came away with some important lessons that I would like to share.

It seems that most of my days I survive them but I do not necessarily enjoy them.

This is because while a normal day should be split into chunks of time where we work, rest and play my days are just work and rest.

What do I mean by this?

Well, if I asked the average person to list one thing that was pleasurable that they did for themselves each day most people would be able to come up with something.

Perhaps you read a few pages of a book, watched a new film or series or maybe you went for a run.

Whatever you do to unwind I bet you do it nearly every day.

Low mood Sophia does not do this.

I wake up, eat and if I’m very lucky and the walls don’t close in I make it to and through a shift of work.

I don’t do anything nice for myself.

There are a multitude of excuses to avoid giving yourself a treat or me time.

There’s no time in the day, it’s too expensive, I’m exhausted, before you know it the day is over and you’re in bed and you haven’t actually done anything nice to yourself.

Probably because like me what you really think is that you don’t deserve the nice things anyway.

To turn these thoughts around I have been given a week planner (see below) splitting the day into morning, afternoon and evening and my challenge for the week is to complete the planner with at least one pleasurable thing in each day.

The challenge is to plan the nice thing, write it down and then do it.


weekly planner

So I guess it is time that I fill mine out (it has been two days since therapy and I have been resisting filling it out but I’m going to use the blog as a good push now).

Saturday – I went out for pancakes with my husband and his best friend

Sunday – I wrote this blog post

Monday – I will read some more of the book I’m reading (I will write a separate post on that as it is excellent)

Tuesday – I’m planning a run

Wednesday – I’m going to spend some of my evening learning Dutch

Thursday – Optimistic but hoping for another run

Friday- I’m going to write another blog post or read some more of my book

All of these tasks over the week have something in common. They are short in terms of time.  None of them will take me more than half an hour.  They are solely for my benefit (with the exception of brunch which I think we all know everyone enjoyed).

The aim of the activities is to get you doing something that you do not naturally do.  Put yourself first and give yourself some well-deserved you time.

The problem with depression, anxiety, low mood, bipolar and any other mental illness is that a large amount of time is spent attacking yourself, putting yourself down and denying you a break.

So the lesson to come away with in this post is that a) you deserve to experience pleasure and b) in order to break the normal cycle of self-hate and low mood you may have to physically schedule in the time for pleasure.

Getting into the habit of allowing you some time to do something nice for yourself is a good habit.

Something we could all do with doing.

So now I challenge you to complete this weekly planner yourself and schedule in some time each day to do something nice for yourself.