Another great piece in Vice, see link below, which covers the story of some Brits who are turning to Amazonian frog poison as a treatment for their alcohol dependency and depression

The practise sees the user burned and then the poison rubbed on their wounds.

The poison causes severe vomiting and a sense of calm.

The article raises a few questions in me.

Have we stopped trusting pharmaceutical companies and their solutions?

Do the answers lie within nature itself?

The problem is that not enough research has been done; the stories are mostly anecdotal and not strong enough to tempt me into a calm vomit fest.

I discuss some similar points in my previous post:

In that we don’t even know if drugs in general, prescribed or otherwise are in fact the answer to mental health problems.

Prescribed medication is something I rely on heavily, personally; however it comes at a high cost with horrible side effects.

The worst for me is probably the weight gain I have had and the constant reminders that yes I am indeed fat nowadays coming from every corner.

Yet I still advocate the use of medication because I see it works.

In my case I want a medication review because I refuse to accept that this is my lot.

There has to be alternatives to terrible side effects and there has to be better treatments.

Especially when I still get a lot of symptoms of bipolar I often feel like I take my medication for nothing.

So am I about to turn to Amazonian frog poison?

Not yet.

However I did read the article with hope, people are still searching for answers and someone has to try the potential solutions.