What an amazing book.  I want to stand on street corners passing it out as essential literature.

I understand religious fervour now because finally I have read something that makes sense!

His writing has helped my own writing; it’s like learning a new language with which I can express myself.

I want everyone to read it so that they can get a view into depression and mental health problems.

I feel like people need to read his book and that if they did maybe they would understand me and other people more.

Sometimes I see the blank expressions people have when you try and explain a mental health problem to them.  They nod like they get it but you know that they don’t.

Matt Haig – gets it because he’s been through it and is still fighting his demons but what he achieves that I can only hope I will achieve in time is that he gets you to understand him too.

You can feel the fire in his mind; the anxiety is described in a way that you understand too.

You feel his anxiety as he tries to get to the corner shop.

How many times have I been there too?  Wanting to go to the shop. Forcing myself there full of panic and feeling like my brain might melt or I’ll die right there and then.

He presents hope.

He presents understanding.

He is easy to read and it is a testament to what a great writer he is.

So in short, read this book.  You have to.  Hell if I could afford it I would buy your copy.

The man is a genius.