Well no, it’s not OK.  I can call myself crazy but it’s probably not OK for you to do the same.

Is it really OK for me to call myself crazy?

Probably not too, it is probably a way to bring myself down by using derogatory language about myself.

It’s an interesting minefield the world of what language is OK when discussing mental health.

Some think it’s insulting to always refer to mental health issues, illnesses and conditions.  Others see this as normal everyday language.

I was recently part of a heated debate about whether you can call antidepressants happy pills.

My stance was that you are adding humour into a difficult subject, but others saw it as demeaning suggesting that the term made it sound like you just needed to buck up a bit with some magic pills and your depression would be cured.

I can see where they’re coming from but I still maintain that humour in the face of a tough subject is something that I think we should all attempt.

It makes it less awkward to discuss.

Let’s be honest people already tip toe around the subject area with awkwardness as it is.

Let’s lighten up and actually open the conversation up.

Of course it is also a matter of intent.  Someone could use derogatory language on purpose to demean and belittle you.  Well that obviously is not OK.  So maybe we should seize all language and filter it….wait that’s not OK either.

It’s a fine line to tread but as long as the speaker isn’t trying to be horrid, and the listener can explain why certain things make them feel certain ways then I think it is an area we can navigate together.

So what do you think?  Am I being disrespectful by even suggesting we lighten up?  Or am I trying to open the conversations and get people talking on a subject that is already heavily stigmatized?

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