I’m currently in tears because I have just had a phone call that I had to wait 2 months for, to be told that I was referred to the wrong place and I now need to wait on a waiting list for the right place which takes 12 weeks.

I just want my medication reviewed so I can get the hell off these terrible pills.

I’m ill all the time, either crying and low or maddeningly manic.

Because I can function and work as a writer despite all of this I don’t seem to be a priority.

I am so angry right now.

I’m crying because I’m mad as hell.

What an awful underfunded ridiculous way to treat someone with a mental health problem.

I am very lucky in that I am married to a doctor and looked after by friends and family.

Other people are not quite so blessed.

God knows how they cope.

When I lived in Stafford I was seen so rapidly it was brilliant. When I lived in Reading I had regular care and rapid referrals too.  Manchester has really let itself down.

I don’t really like to post negative things if I can help it but I am fuming.

It shouldn’t be so badly funded that it takes this long to be seen by someone.

The NHS is an excellent concept with some great individuals working within it but thanks to the way that government has under prioritised spending on mental health we have the situations that I’m in now.

Manchester is a huge area and I do not doubt it has its fair share of people with mental health issues.

I do not know how they cope.

I wish I could afford to go private and see a doctor that way.

This NHS post code lottery is ridiculous.

If you have been subject to waiting times that you feel have impacted your mental health as well please comment below or on the Facebook group.