Things to think about when writing a blog for

You can write anything you want really but some people might enjoy a bit of structure, if you are one of those here are some questions to think about.

Introduction post

  • Who are you? Age, sex, profession – whatever you feel defines you.
  • What mental health problems do you have
  • When were you diagnosed or first noticed symptoms
  • What is day to day life like for you, what are the best and worst bits?
  • If you could change who you were and not have this mental illness would you?
  • What treatments have you received and what did you think of them?
  • What’s your greatest achievement


Regular post ideas:

  • Tell us about a normal day in your life, what thoughts do you have and what allowances do you need to make to feel normal
  • Tell us someone great that you spoke to today – were they understanding, what did they do to help you?
  • What have you struggled with today? How has that made you feel?
  • What are the stigmas that you are afraid of, does it make you talk openly despite the stigma or do you hide your mental health?


Please feel free to comment below on any post ideas you would like to see, the above list is by no means exhaustive.